Project Fair International membership helps capacity build Reward and HR professionals in the INGO sector through an annual programme of collaborative events including masterclasses, webinars and online discussion.

It is based around our Principles and Standards of Ethical Reward, Transparency, Equity, Sustainability and Compliance and Risk to support the development of fair INGO reward.

Organisational INGO Project Fair membership allows up to five members of your staff to attend our masterclasses and webinars. To find out about our annual programme and how to join, see our latest membership pack.

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Current members

Here is a sample of some of the INGOs we are proud to be working with:

Membership aims

Project Fair’s international membership organisation is for INGO Reward and HR Professionals with the overriding purpose to:

  • Research and develop practical, equitable and evidence-based reward approaches within the INGO sector
  • Provide a platform for collaborative and practical networking amongst our growing 80 INGO Reward and 40 INGO DEI community with over 200 individual members
  • Help capacity build Reward and HR professionals through discussion, training and facilitation.
  • Incorporate the values of Project Fair’s Principles and Standards into their Reward and DEI philosophy and access the Project Fair Member logo to use on website and branding materials

Membership benefits

Please read our membership pack to discover the extensive range of events we run across the year and see below for a list of benefits, both for you and for your INGO, of being part of this growing INGO community.

The benefits for you include:

  • Professional development
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Problem solving
  • Time Saving
  • Synergies across membership

The benefits for your INGO include:

  • Keep abreast within sector
  • Innovation
  • Retain Talent
  • Reputation through access of Project Fair Member logo
Project Fair Membership at a glance

Membership at a glance

Our Membership aims and benefits are now available to download in an easily sharable format.

Download Guide to Project Fair Membership (PDF)