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Please read below to find out how to become a member of Project Fair.

Membership Aims

Project Fair’s international membership organisation is for INGO Reward and HR Professionals with the overriding purpose to:

  • Research and develop practical, equitable and evidence-based reward approaches within the INGO sector
  • Provide a platform for collaborative and practical networking amongst our growing 70 INGO Reward and 40 INGO DEI community with over 200 individual members
  • Help capacity build Reward and HR professionals through discussion, training and facilitation.
  • Incorporate the values of Project Fair’s Principles and Standards into their Reward and DEI philosophy and access the Project Fair Member logo to use on website and branding materials

Who we are

Project Fair is part of the University of Edinburgh Business School and is built upon a strong body of research over the past decade into the psychological impact of dual salaries in the INGO sector, in particular their impact on employees’ motivation, performance, and retention.

Topics such as international salary benchmarking, hyperinflation, cost of living, dollarisation, hybrid working, and equity are just some of the areas we are engaged in.

In 2019, we worked with around 25 INGOs to develop a detailed set of Principles and Standards designed in order to help organisations develop a shared understanding of what fair reward means for the sector based on:

  • Ethical Reward
  • Transparency
  • Equity
  • Sustainability
  • Compliance and Risk

Download our Membership pack and Annual Fee sliding scale. Inside our pack, find out about our 2023 series of Reward Masterclasses and webinars designed for the INGO sector as well as our other exciting plans for the year ahead!

How you can become more involved in Project Fair

We always love to hear from INGOs who are interested in learning more about fair international reward, understand our network better and how to become involved in our INGO fair reward and DEI networks. Please email Julia Porter, Project Manager with your questions or queries and she will connect with you. For research opportunities and bespoke consultancy please email Dr Ishbel McWha-Hermann.

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